It’s hard to pick a favorite! EmberTree makes the most beautiful looking soaps with fragrances that are WONDERFUL! I started out being very specific about which scents I wanted to try. The more I tried, I realized I loved them all! They are silky and luxurious. My skin has never felt softer. I’m a true believer in these handmade soaps!

Mary K.

I recently purchased some soap to put in a care package to send to my niece at school. A few days after she received it, she called to say that all of her roommates have been asking her to place orders for them. LOL! I just placed an order for 12 bars and I’m going to send them ASAP!

Karen Olsen

We celebrated my sister’s wedding shower last October. As a shower favor, Ember Tree Soap was given to our guests. So many perfect fall colors and scents. It was the perfect lasting gift to remind our guest of that special day. There are no bad options. I can’t wait to try more!”

Amanda S.