Scrub your stress away with beautiful handmade soap

Tired of dry, itchy skin from your store-bought soap? Change things up with luxury handmade soap from Ember Tree Soap. Handcrafted in Bettendorf, IA, our moisturizing silk soaps are sold throughout the Quad Cities and the Midwest at boutique craft shows and special events. And our online shop is always open to serve our local Quad Cities customers, as well as our friends across the country.

Are you looking for all-natural soap made with essential oils and botanicals? Try our ELEMENTS soap line. Want a luxuriously silky feel and a wide range of designs and colors? Our GLOW silk soaps are for you. If you prefer earthy, clean, more masculine scents with a little added exfoliation, try our IGNITE men's soap.

We ship luxury handmade soaps from Bettendorf, IA throughout the Quad Cities, the Midwest & beyond.

What makes Ember Tree Soap the right choice for you?

If you've ever experienced dry, itchy skin after using commercial soap bars, there's a reason! Commercial soaps often contain harsh chemical additives and lack the moisturizing glycerin that is a natural byproduct of soap making. Instead, big-box soap companies remove the glycerin in order to add it to high-end face creams and serums, leaving you with soap that dries out your skin!

Ember Tree Soap makes handmade soaps that retain natural glycerin and contain none of the chemical additives that cause itchy, irritated skin. Not only is our soap fantastic for your skin, but they're beautiful too! Elevate your home decor with the gorgeous scent and beauty of our all-natural handmade soaps!

Learn more about our handmade silk soaps

You deserve the utmost comfort and confidence when it comes to the soaps you buy. That's why we take great care in deciding every ingredient that goes into making our all-natural handmade soaps. You won't have to worry about washing your skin with any harsh chemicals or irritants.

We use all kinds of natural materials to craft our seasonal handmade soaps and main soap lines, such as:

  • Aloe vera
  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Avocado oil
  • Mango butter
  • Activated charcoal
If you're looking to enhance your bathroom decor with our soaps, or you're looking for natural, handmade soap for men, check out our online store today to choose from our ELEMENTS, GLOW or IGNITE soap lines.

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Ember Tree Soap is a local soap boutique that ships handmade soaps from Bettendorf, IA to homes across the country