• SOAP CARE: For the longest life of your soap bar, place on a draining soap dish or soap lifter.  Handmade soap will stay harder and last much longer when allowed to dry between uses.

  • STORAGE: If storing soap for later use, please do not store in an airtight or plastic container.  Handmade soap needs to "breathe" and is best stored in it's kraft packaging or breathable cloth.

  • SHELF LIFE: Handmade soaps get better with age, and will cleanse well even after a couple years if stored properly.  However, some colors may fade, and some scents will weaken over time.  Therefore, we recommend using our soaps within 1 year of purchase.

  • BAR SIZE: Our soaps are approximately 4 oz each.  Each bar is hand-cut and hand-trimmed, so there may be slight variances.  Each bar's design will be unique, which is part of the beauty of handcrafted soap!