Over the years, I've found that I need to create things.  In the past, this led to dabbling in drawing, writing, cake decorating, furniture making, sewing and gardening.  So in the fall of ‘17, as my daughter, the youngest of three kids, ran off to kindergarten, I was sad to say goodbye to a decade of being a full-time mom.
But I was also thrilled.  
Full days and nights of child-rearing had been fulfilling in many ways, but the creative passion that had fueled my younger years had faded to embers.  I was more than ready to reignite it. 
I had used handmade soap (usually from farmers’ markets) for years because of the very noticeable effect on my skin.  I loved the scent they brought into the house, and how the prettier ones helped brighten up bathrooms and kitchens.  But the difference in the health of my skin was what kept me hooked.  My skin was more hydrated, soft, and luminous, instead of dry and irritated.
So, I set out to learn the craft myself.  This was initially a means of rekindling my creative side, while producing something useful that I truly enjoyed making and using.  It was a way to experiment with and blend the senses of smell, beauty and touch into a tangible thing that my family and I could use.
Soap making has become a passion and a source of reconnection with myself.  I love what I do.  I don’t think of it as work - it’s a joy.  And bringing it to you only adds to that joy. ♥

- Allison (soap maker)

Photo by: Pecos Springs Photography