I've never been a big fan of bar soap, but I absolutely love these! Because of the virus, I've been washing my hands more than ever. They were extremely dry, chapped, and sore! Putting lotion on all day seemed futile since I was washing so often. After using this soap for a few days, my skin is so much better and not as dry! It's so creamy and smells so good, I enjoy washing my hands all day long! Thank you for making such a quality product!😃
- Emily Nyquist
Thank you so much for the beautiful soaps you made for my bridal shower favors. They were gorgeous! You took such good care with colors and designs. Thanks again!
- R.P.
Okay first off, I am not being paid to say this 😂 but this is literally the most incredible soap I have ever used! My girlfriend bought this for me as a gift once and I have never smelled anything like it. Waterfall silk and the red, white, and blue one are maybe the best things I have ever smelled. 10/10 incredible soap.
- Jordan Hauck
I recently purchased some soap to put in a care package to send to my niece at school. A few days after she received it, she called to say that all of her roommates have been asking her to place orders for them. LOL! I just placed an order for 12 bars and I’m going to send them ASAP!
- Karen Olsen
Ember Tree is my favorite shop for soaps. The shop owner is great and very passionate about her business. The soaps are beautiful and they smell absolutely amazing! My skin is very sensitive and the soaps are gentle and leave my skin so soft. I love this shop!
- Kami V.
My wife recently purchased some soap at a local farmers market. I was reluctant to try something other than my Irish Spring. I work a long day and build up a nice layer of filth. After daily reminders to try the new soap, I gave in. I don’t know what I was waiting for. Dragon’s Blood is far superior to my old soap and I can’t wait to try more of these men’s soap options.  Thanks
- Cliff T.
It’s hard to pick a favorite! EmberTree makes the most beautiful looking soaps with fragrances that are WONDERFUL! I started out being very specific about which scents I wanted to try. The more I tried, I realized I loved them all! They are silky and luxurious. My skin has never felt softer. I’m a true believer in these handmade soaps!
- Mary K.
I was in Davenport visiting some college friends for the weekend. Go Hawkeyes! After brunch we decided to visit a cute Farmers Market. It was so fun visiting all of the creative booths, but by far, the purchase of the day was at Ember Tree Soap. I’m so grateful that Ember Tree has an online shop that delivers all the way to me in Nashville! :)
- Sarah Fuller
We celebrated my sister’s wedding shower last October. As a shower favor, Ember Tree Soap was given to our guests. So many perfect fall colors and scents. It was the perfect lasting gift to remind our guest of that special day. There are no bad options. I can’t wait to try more!”
- Amanda S.
Ember Tree soap has become my new favorite! I was never a bar soap gal, but since trying these soaps, I am hooked! There is a scent for everyone and I love the combinations she has come up with. My personal favorite is Apple Sage, but I haven't found one I didn't like. My skin feels softer and doesn't dry out like it used to, the bars last for a long time, and my kids and husband love them too. Love the seasonal soap lines too!
- Katie Haraburda
I bought ember tree soap from a farmers market and I’m not going back... These bars are super moisturizing and the scent is left on your skin long after you’ve showered. Honestly I’ve tried a lot of soap but ember tree stole my heart! 
- Bianca Williams